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What is the difference between a High Conflict Parenting Class and other parenting classes?

By October 26, 2022January 5th, 2023Parenting
Image of a mother hugging her daughter tightly. This shows the benefits of high conflict parenting course in San Diego. Through court ordered parenting classes you can reunify and reconnect with you child.

How can you tell which type of parenting class is right for you and your situation? We will describe a few types that are offered and highlight some of their differences.

Different Types of Parenting Classes

Regular Parenting Classes

Image of a paper cut out of a family & their dog in front of a blue background. High conflict parenting class is one of the many different types of parenting courses in San Diego, CA. We specifically offer high conflict parenting classes online in California.Most regular parenting classes teach parenting skills to help reduce problem behaviors with your child and encourage better interactions. They may cover “discipline” – consequences like using timeouts, privilege reduction, or other ways to get your child to stop unwanted behaviors.

Some other parenting classes talk about “Positive Parenting” which de-emphasizes “consequences” and teaches balance in the parenting toolbox. Positive Parenting puts more emphasis on rewarding positive behaviors with your child. It also focuses on creating opportunities for natural consequences and not overusing “punishments.”

Divorce Parenting

When two parents separate, a special set of circumstances happen that go beyond a regular parenting class. You need to figure out new things like how to transition to and from each parent’s physical custody in a way that is not upsetting to your child. Also, how do you explain the whole separation process to your child so as to minimize their stress? How do you engage in co-parenting or parallel parenting in a healthy way?

You may also need help sorting out how to help your child with increased anxiety, behavior issues, or school performance. What do you do with all of this? A general divorce parenting class will address most of these situations. Some are live and interactive, while some are pre-recorded.

High Conflict Divorce Parenting Class

There are also different types of high-conflict parenting classes to choose from. Some focus on how to co-parent with the other parent. Others talk about how to deal with an uncooperative co-parent.

What is the difference between a High Conflict Parenting Class & other classes?

Image of a mom putting her hand on her daughters shoulder. Showing the importance of connecting with you child which is what we teach in high conflict parenting class in San Diego, California. This course is offered online throughout California.At FCT we have narrowed our high-conflict divorce parenting class to a special area: parents with children who are rejecting them. We focus on helping parents reconnect with their children who are refusing contact. In this high-conflict parenting course, you will learn ways to connect emotionally with your child. This is important. After years of working with conjoint/reunification Court cases, we have found emotional connection is the single most effective way to help parents reconnect with their children.

Our approach to teaching new skills is live and “hands-on”

We teach specific skills to help parents who are estranged from their children:

  • Learning the key to start connecting with your child
  • Importance of attachment and positively influencing your child’s narrative
  • Learning advanced parenting techniques and emotion coaching
  • Identifying and engaging fears, so we can move through them.

Digging deeper into the emotions of a child’s resistance is one way to help bridge the gap between a parent and a child who is struggling.

Our focus is on your child’s developmental, emotional, and psychological needs. Our “hands-on” approach teaches AND provides exercises to practice in each class. By practicing with your peers, and with a therapist present to discuss the exercises, you will learn and gain confidence using new parenting techniques.

Smaller Class Size = Individual attention

Our class size is small and conducted live so you get more individual attention and feedback than in larger pre-recorded classes. This is so everyone has the chance to ask questions and discuss each exercise as it is taught, as well as practice the skill after.

What do we cover to help you reconnect with your child? You will learn:

  • Ways to deepen your understanding of your child’s emotions
  • How to positively respond when children express feelings around situations that aren’t entirely accurate
  • Ways you can start using active listening techniques
  • Strategies to help you start to create safety, space, and experiences that encourage your child to open up emotionally so you are both more connected

Reconnecting & Reunifying With Your Child in High Conflict Parenting Class

Image of a father playing soccer with his 3 kids outside. Through court ordered or high conflict parenting class in San Diego, California you can have this kind of relationship with your reluctant child.We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to have healthy relationships with both parents. Therefore, we take a Child-Centered and Parent-Supported approach that creates safety and allows children to have a voice. We also help both parents find their own voice and learn to repair damaged relationships and connect with their children. Our goal is for parents to feel supported and learn new skills that will give them the confidence to improve their relationships with their children.

Take A High Conflict Parenting Class in San Diego, CA

If you need help connecting with your child then our high-conflict parenting course can help you. Our San Diego family therapist will guide you through the classes as you learn the skills needed to reconnect and reunify with your child. Get parenting support from Family Connections Therapy by following these steps:

  1. Click this link to indicate your interest or give us a call at (858) 776-8804
  2. A staff member at FCT will reach out to you and walk you through signing up
  3. Begin the process of healing your relationship with your child

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