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Sadness, Hopelessness & Lack of Motivation Doesn’t Have to be Your New Normal

If you or someone you love suffers from depression, you know it is incredibly debilitating, dehumanizing, and exhausting. It affects how you feel, think, act, make decisions, and handle daily life. The loss of joy, physical energy, and interest in life can color everyone and everything in a deep shade of gray. At Family Connections Therapy, we’re here to tell you that there is hope. Depression is not uncommon, affecting over 16 million Americans. Even more importantly, it is highly treatable, with 80-90% responding well to depression treatment! When you’re ready – our San Diego depression therapists are here to help you start living a more joyful life again.

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Am I Depressed or is it Sadness?

Sadness is a common and healthy emotion that we all feel when experiencing things that disappoint and hurt us, but depression is something much more serious. Simply, depression is a diagnosable mood disorder with varying complexities. It requires the help of a depression therapist or doctor to properly treat and heal. Specifically, forms of depression involve extreme low mood or despair (along with some combination of the depression symptoms listed below) that persists for over two weeks. Making it difficult to function at work, at home, in relationships, and when completing daily activities. It is very important to seek support when dealing with depression, so you can start to feel better.

Common Depression Symptoms

  • Prolonged states of emptiness or hopelessness
  • Irritability, elevated emotional response, mood swings, difficulty managing emotions
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Restlessness and agitation
  • Challenges with concentration, following thru, and focus
  • Changes in appetite, sleep patterns, or energy levels
  • Loss of interest in things that once brought joy
  • Withdrawal from close friends and family and social gatherings
  • Thoughts of self-harm, death, or suicide
  • Physical aches and pains, such as headaches or stomach cramps
  • Exhaustion, fatigue, and decreased motivation
Image of person sitting against a wall with their head on their knees. Depression therapy addresses the root cause of your depression symptoms. A San Diego depression therapist will help you through the process. Find your joy again with depression treatment in San Diego, California 92121.

Why do I Have Depression?

Many people who struggle with depressive mood disorder ask this question. There really isn’t one, clear answer. Depression is caused by complex mix of biological, genetic, psychological, social, relational, and circumstantial factors. No matter the cause, a thoughtful and thorough depression therapy approach can help many clients get to the root causes of depression, heal from the past, and understand their own psyche and body better.

Image of a woman smiling holding a yellow smiley face helium balloon. Are you suffering from depression symptoms in California? Counseling is an effective form of depression treatment. Talking to a San Diego depression therapist can help. Call today!

Does Therapy For Depression Treatment Really Help?

Simple answers – yes, counseling really does help depression! Specifically, when traditional talk therapy is combined with medication and/or holistic, mind-body wellness strategies (exercise, meditation, etc.), psychological interventions can lead to extraordinary success! In fact, many people who experience depression assume it will pass on its own. So they choose not to seek depression treatment, leaving them to suffer unnecessarily. With depression therapy, 80-90% of those struggling can heal more quickly, with long-lasting results.

So, How Does  Depression Treatment Help?

Depression treatment begins with compassion and connection, to accurately assess and discover what each client is experiencing. From there, a partnership develops between the client and the depression therapist. Through this relationship, we design meaningful goals, transform negative thoughts, improve self-care, heal underlying issues, deepen emotional confidence, reduce stress, and help you to truly enjoy your career, relationship, and everyday life again.

Specific modalities (therapy styles) we use during depression therapy vary depending on client preference. However, at Family Connections Therapy our mental health professionals rely on evidence-based solutions with a proven record to specifically help individuals overcome depression symptoms. Some of these therapy approaches include a blend of attachment-based therapy models, mindfulness techniques, experiential methods, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies (CBT and DBT) as well as positive psychology and resiliency methods.

In addition to working directly with you, our San Diego depression therapists may want to include family members or other professionals to support your health and healing process. While people can be hesitant at first to reach out for depression therapy, the power of a trained and heart-centered expert makes all the difference! Our clients are so glad they began depression treatment, and commonly, wish they had started therapy sooner.

We all feel sad or unmotivated at times. However, when depression becomes a regular occurrence that takes away joy and fulfillment from life and relationship, there is help. Consider working with the depression experts at Family Connections Therapy to feel better and make lasting change.

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