Our Therapy Solutions

Parenting Class

Family Connections Therapy offers classes for parents looking to improve strained parent-child relationships as a result of divorce or custody conflicts.

LGBTQ+ Child & Teen Therapy

LGBTQ+ children and teens may face unique difficulties that you as a parent may feel unprepared to handle.

Therapy for Adults

Start leading your most fulfilled life with therapy for adults. Our therapists partner with adults to find greater purpose and fulfillment.

Telehealth Therapy for Children

Let kids join us for counseling from anywhere with telehealth therapy for children. We’re here to support kids who are becoming thriving adults.

Telehealth Therapy for Adults

Our trusted counselors at Family Connections Therapy would love to connect with you from the comfort of your own home anywhere in California.

Therapy for Adult Survivors of Physical & Sexual Abuse

Surviving an experience of physical or sexual abuse is just the beginning of reclaiming your life. With counseling at Family Connections Therapy, you can heal and start to truly thrive again.

Therapy for Children with ADHD

We help kids manage their self-control, and increase their self-esteem as they interact with others and the world around them.

Attachment and Healthy Child Development

We help children and parents learn how to manage attachment issues and develop healthy attachments.

Therapy for Anxiety

We have enormous compassion for those living with anxiety. The right interventions equip sufferers to lead more satisfying lives.

Court Ordered Conjoint & Reunification Therapy

We understand that raising a family can oftentimes be extremely stressful.

Couples Counseling

We believe that every relationship can grow in trust, commitment, and intimacy; and, with the right support, yours can too.

Therapy for Child Survivors of Physical & Sexual Abuse

Therapy can help to explore a survivors’ view of the world and help children develop into healthy adults.

Therapy for Depression

We’re here to tell you that there is hope. Let us help you start living a more joyful life again.

Transgender Children Therapy

We are passionate about working toward empowering transgender children and their families.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a specialty form of treatment that incorporates the entire family system.

Therapy for Children

Kids have to deal with a lot of big stuff. We love working with kids to develop into healthy, fulfilled adults.


Play Therapy

Many parents feel overwhelmed and lost about how to help children with emotional difficulties.