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As caring parents, we want our kids to be happy and healthy, and we do our best to nurture them. Sometimes, kids can struggle at home, school, or when starting to make friends, and they may not be able to express and process these big feelings or difficult thoughts in ways that make sense to us as adults. Instead, these emotions and thoughts can lead them to act out or experience a variety of difficulties, including sleep issues, picky eating, or temper tantrums. If your child seems to be struggling, consider children’s therapy in San Diego. At Family Connections Therapy, we love working with kids, parents, and families.

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Kids Should be Kids – What do They Need Children’s Therapy for?

Children often have big feelings, but they may not have the words to express them. Children have a hard time regulating their emotions, which could mean they’re having difficulties with:

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Why Might Kids Benefit from Children’s Therapy?

There are many reasons a pediatrician, educator, or other professional might suggest children’s therapy or refer you to a children’s therapist. It is often when children are having a hard time coping with difficult situations. Such as parental divorce, a family member dying, not making friends at school, and getting bullied at school. As well as changing schools or teachers, experiencing or witnessing abuse or violence, etc. When a child isn’t considered to be functioning or developing properly, they may have exhibit some of the symptoms outlined above. Children’s therapy can help kids and parents address these difficult situations and behaviors in order to lead more fulfilling lives.

Image of parents teaching their child to ride bike. Children's therapy can help your child express their emotions. A children's therapist can also help you understand their behaviors. Support their development with children's counseling in San Diego, CA 92121.
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What Can I Expect from Children’s Therapy in San Diego?

Through children’s therapy, children learn to identify their emotions and connect these feelings and thoughts to their behaviors. When children learn how to express their feelings in a calmer way and are listened to by their parents, their problematic behaviors (like those listed above) will likely diminish. In working with a skilled children’s therapist, children learn to talk to their parents in a clearer way and parents learn to read their child’s cues that there is something wrong.  It’s so important for a child to have their caregivers see and hear them.  Whether it’s anxiety, fear, or upset, children need their caretakers to show they understand. Then offer them support and guidance. Children’s counseling can help model these behaviors and interactions for kids and parents.

How do I Get My Child Started with A Children’s Therapist?

At Family Connections Therapy we want to make the intake process (paperwork, scheduling, and other steps to help you get started) easy. That’s why we have Client Care Specialists who walk you through the process until you are connected to the right children’s therapist who can meet your needs.

It all starts with the first phone call or request form you can fill out on the website. If it’s more convenient, you can even text FCTcares to 484848, and someone will contact you within an hour during regular business hours.

After the initial contact, the following happens:

  • A Client Care Specialist will speak with you and take down your basic information.
  • You will receive a “Welcome” letter with your child’s appointment time and the therapist’s name and contact information.
  • A portal invitation will be sent to you via email. It will ask you to create a passcode and set up your secure online account.
  • Once you are in the portal, you will see your child’s intake forms are available to fill out. Please complete these the day before your child’s first session if possible. This way your children’s therapist has a chance to review the information in advance.
  • For children 14 years old and older, it can be empowering for them to help fill out the intake forms with you.
  • For children 7 years old and younger, we usually have a parent intake appointment before the child comes in.  We need to take time with you to fully understand the issues and create a treatment plan with you to help your child.
  • Arriving at our office: go to the waiting room and push the call button next to your therapist’s name. Then relax or read a magazine until your therapist comes to get you.

Other Services Offered by Family Connections Therapy in San Diego

At Family Connections Therapy, we offer lots of options to support both you and your child. Our children’s therapists offer therapy for ADHD, attachment and healthy development, and play therapy. As well as, a social skills classLGBTQIA+ support and transgender therapy for kids and teens. For adults, we offer individual therapy, depression treatment, and anxiety treatment. To rebuild connections within the family we offer family therapy. Additionally, we also provide specialized therapy for adults and children who have experienced physical or sexual assault. All of these services are also offered virtually to California residents through online therapy.




Kids aren’t always equipped to tackle what life throws at them. Children’s counseling can help them feel safe to develop into healthy adults. Let’s help kids thrive together.

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