Court Ordered Therapy & Reunification Therapy:
Dependency or Family Law Court

Even here in sunny San Diego, raising a family can be stressful.

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What is Court Ordered Family Therapy & Conjoint Therapy?

Sometimes parents go through a divorce or separation and experience a season of difficulty with financial resources, drug addiction, aggression, conflict, or even abusive behavior.  When these things lead to legal consequences, parents or children are often mandated by the court to attend some form of psychotherapy.

Court ordered therapy is a legal decision made by the judge to address the issues that contributed to the difficult situation. Some families interpret family therapy as a punishment. However, this is an opportunity for positive changeFamilies can feel caught in ruts for a variety of reasons.

Here at Family Connections Therapy, we offer treatment for individuals, children, and families looking to get out of those ruts.  Specifically, we provide therapy for clients who are ordered to attend through Dependency and Family Law Court.  Check out these articles offered by Hunter Law Group here in California to learn more about how these court systems work.

Why Does the Judge Want Us to Go to Family Therapy?

Some families feel embarrassed, frustrated, or confused about attending court mandated therapy.  However, therapy is ordered by the court with good intentions. Normally it is with the purpose of providing healing and preventing future difficulties.

What led your family to go into court? Take a few minutes to consider this question.  Are you and your partner going through a divorce?  Is anyone dealing with immense stress or lack of support?  Have there been traumatic events within the family?  Does your family often fight or argue?

Problems such as these rarely happen out of nowhere, as families typically develop these difficulties over time.

Although legal intervention can sometimes act as a wake-up call for families to change patterns that have developed over time. Parents and children often lack the support and knowledge needed to repair relationships, change habits, and work better as a team in the future.  When the problem remains unaddressed, often families find obstacles worsening over time.

Image of a dad reading a book to his 2 kids. We provide court ordered therapy in California. If you have been looking for "reunification therapy near me" in San Diego you are at the right spot. Our reunification counselors offer court mandated therapy in San Diego, CA. Call today!
Image of a daughter on her moms back. There are a lot of benefits from court ordered family therapy San Diego. You can get help from "reunification therapists near me" in San Diego, CA. If you have questions our reunification counselors can explain the ins and outs of court mandated therapy in San Diego, CA. Call now

Families that find themselves in a rut that leads to court involvement often experience symptoms such as:

  • Breakdowns in communication among family members
  • Abusive behavior
  • Isolation and lack of support
  • Dependence on alcohol or drugs
  • Unhealthy venting or angry outbursts
  • Child or partner neglect

Our team at Family Connections Therapy in San Diego knows how devastating it can be to deal with these situations – and we want to help.  Our court counselors offer therapy services specifically tailored to individuals and families who are mandated to attend treatment.  We provide shame-free, blame-free counseling that focuses on the most relevant issues, identifies solutions, and sets the groundwork for changes that last.

How Will Court Mandated Therapy Help?

Court ordered therapy is an opportunity for change.  You can make the most of this experience by utilizing the professional support offered by a conjoint therapist in San Diego.  As you all engage in court-ordered family therapy, you will learn how to:

  • Communicate your needs effectively
  • Cope with stress and worry
  • Make changes to unhealthy habits
  • Be open and vulnerable with one another
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Rely on one another for support
  • Manage difficult emotions
  • Help children communicate their needs or concerns
  • Plan for upcoming family changes (i.e. divorce, remarriage, separation, etc.)
  • Restore feelings of safety and security

Family therapists are specifically trained to identify the patterns and communication styles that contribute to family problems.  As you meet with your reunification counselor, you will begin to see how to overcome these old habits – as a team.

Image of a heart being ripped in 3. Needing "family reunification therapy near me"? We offer reunification therapy in San Diego. Our reunification counselors can help you start healing. Reach out for court ordered therapy in California. Call today!
Image of a mom & daughter cooking together. If you have been looking for "reunification therapy near me" in San Diego you are at the right spot. Our reunification counselors offer court mandated therapy in San Diego, CA. Start court ordered therapy in California. Reach out today!

How Can Family Connections Therapy Help in California?

You do not have to do this alone. Are you interested in making changes that last? If so let us help.  Our team of highly-trained professional San Diego therapists is dedicated to helping our community seek wellness through evidence-based, efficient therapy servicesContact us today to learn more about our counseling services, or to sign up for your first session!

Our court mandated therapy sessions are completely confidential and held right here in the privacy of our San Diego office.  During your first session, your mental health professional will learn the story of what led you to their office. In addition to how the court experience impacted everyone involved.  From there, we will begin the process of renewal and healing through openness, encouragement, and problem-solving.

Our doors will always be open to anyone who wishes to continue meeting. Even though there is a set number of required sessions.

Sometimes the issues may go beyond the family, which is why Family Connections Therapy also offers individual psychotherapy and couples therapy.  We also offer Play Therapy services to help younger children work through the difficulties of going through the legal system.  To learn more about those services, check out our Services tab above! We believe that, with enough commitment and care, any family can find healing.

Take this opportunity to start fresh and find solutions that actually work.  Contact us today, and begin the journey toward wellness.

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Are you searching for a safe and judgment-free space to attend court ordered therapy in California? Our caring therapists are here to support you and your family in becoming stronger, happier, and healthier. Family Connections Therapy wants to help bring your closer together with reunification therapy. Starting is as simple as following these steps.

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Other Services At Family Connections Therapy in California

In our San Diego-based therapy practice, we offer lots of options to support your mental health. Including children’s therapytherapy for ADHDattachment and healthy development, and play therapy. In addition to LGBTQIA+ and transgender therapy for kids and teens. While for adults, we offer individual therapydepression treatment, and more! Our caring therapists also offer online therapyfamily therapy, and couples therapy. Reach out now to learn more about our counseling services!