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How To Tell If Your Child Needs Children’s Therapy

By January 18, 2021May 11th, 2023Teens/Children
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Deciding when and if your child needs children’s therapy can be difficult, especially when your child is young. The signs and symptoms may look different depending on your child’s age.  If your child is young, it may be easy to overlook some of the symptoms or assume your child is too young to need children’s counseling or play therapy.  

4 Things That Indicate Your Child Needs Children’s Therapy

Imager of a boy sitting alone in a hallway. Are you looking for a childs therapist? Want to know if your kid is showing signs that they need children's therapy or play therapy? We can answer your questions about children's counseling. Call today. Changes in Eating and Sleeping Habits

In older children and teenagers this may look like skipping meals or overindulging. You may notice your child is having a more difficult time getting up in the morning or they may be having a difficult time getting through the day without taking naps. They may be staying up later than their normal bedtimes. In young children, this may look like suddenly becoming a very picky eater or refusing to eat at mealtime. Your child may suddenly not be able to sleep in their own bed or may start waking up multiple times during the night.

Change in Behaviors

In young children, this may look like tantrums or extreme reactions to situations. Your child may become destructive with their belongings or others. Their interactions with others may change as well, like being physically aggressive with their peers or family members. In older children, this may mean your child is engaging in risky behaviors related to alcohol or drugs. You may also notice that your older child is isolated from you or their friends. Often times they begin to spend a lot more time in their room. Sometimes they are no longer interested in activities that they used to be interested in.

Image of a little girl in a mask. Want to know if your kid is showing signs that they need children's therapy or play therapy? Our children's therapist can answer your concerns and questions. Call today to start children's counseling in San Diego, CA. Call now!Children’s Therapy Can Help With Regression

As child therapists, we have noticed that one of the biggest signs that a child needs play therapy or children’s therapy is that they regress. You may notice a regression to behaviors they have long outgrown like toilet training or bedwetting. Or a loss of independence in activities that they have previously mastered. In older children, this may also look like an inability to do things for themselves or acting clingy or needy with you.

Increased Physical Complaints

Often children do not feel well on the inside, but they have a difficult time pinpointing what is wrong or verbalizing their symptoms. Therefore, they may suddenly have a lot of physical complaints or aches and pains. Children will often complain of tummy aches or headaches. This may be a symptom of depression or anxiety rather than any sort of physical ailment.

We’re Here To Help With Children’s Therapy in San Diego

These are a few markers that may mean your child is struggling and in need of extra support. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms in your child, please reach out to Family Connections Therapy. We can help whether your child needs extra support navigating the day-to-day routine or maybe they have experienced a major change in their life.  Our children’s therapists also offer parenting support with techniques and strategies that may help you offer additional support to your child at home.

Is Your Child Ready For Children’s Therapy in San Diego, CA?

Image of a boy and girl digging in the sand. Are you wondering if you child need play therapy or childrens therapy in San Diego, CA? Our children's therapist can help you understand what they need. Reach out today to learn about children's counseling in San Diego.

We understand that it can be hard to determine when you should reach out for help from a children’s therapist but we are here to answer your questions. At Family Connections Therapy we want to make the process of getting your child into children’s counseling as easy as possible. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach out to speak with a Client Care Specialist at Family Connections Therapy
  2. Schedule your first appointment with a children’s therapist.
  3. Start seeing the mental health of your child improve

Other Services Offered by Family Connections Therapy in San Diego

At Family Connections Therapy, we offer lots of options to support both you and your child. Our children’s therapists offer therapy for ADHD, attachment and healthy development, and play therapy. As well as LGBTQIA+ and transgender therapy for kids and teens. For adults, we offer individual therapy, depression treatment, and anxiety treatment. To rebuild connections within the family we offer family therapy. All of these services are also offered virtually to California residents through online therapy as well as in person at our San Diego-based counseling office.