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Help Ease Your Child’s Anxiety About COVID

By February 8, 2022February 7th, 2023COVID-19

The world we live in is complicated and many things feel out of our control. The Omicron virus, a variant of the COVID-19 virus, has recently disrupted many of our lives. There is a lot of anxiety surrounding the uncertainty of this virus, especially for kiddos. While we don’t have all the answers, here are a couple of ideas to help decrease your child’s anxiety and stress levels, and cope during these uncertain times. 

1. Spend Time with Your Kiddo. 

Spend quality time with your child every day. Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes, it can greatly improve their day! Offer to play a game with them, watch a movie, or partake in another activity that you both enjoy. Baking has been a popular activity for parents to do with their children recently, as it has been proven to relieve stress. Whatever you decide to do, spending quality time with your kiddo will help take their mind off of stressors. 

2. Give Them Space. 

Yes, spending time with your child is essential, but if they want space, give it to them. Finding a balance between spending time with your child and giving them space is essential. Not sure how to balance it? Just ask your kiddo! Chances are they’ll have a pretty good idea of how they want to balance their time. Having alone time can give your child the space to de-stress and lower their anxiety levels.

3. Check-In with Your Child. 

Ask them how they are doing and give them room to talk about their feelings about everything that is going on in the world. Give them the floor to speak about stress and anxiety without judgment. Ask them what they need and if they need help. If they don’t want to talk to you, try offering to set up an appointment with a professional or ask if there is another trusted adult they can talk to.

We’re Here To Help

If you or your child are in need of support, we are here for you! We can help you and your child develop the skills necessary to decrease anxiety and live happier lives. Contact us today to learn more! Book an appointment online or call our office today at (858) 776-8804.