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Teaching Coping Skills to Your Children

By February 7, 2023May 11th, 2023Parenting, Teens/Children
A father gives a piggyback ride to their child while walking through a park on a sunny day. Learn how a children’s therapist in San Diego, CA can offer support with children’s therapy in San Diego and other services. Search “childs therapist san diego, ca” today to learn more.

Given the state of our world these days it’s not uncommon that children are feeling more nervous, anxious, worried, and/or depressed than is typical.

An upset child sits alone while other students run down a school hallway. Learn how a children’s therapist in San Diego, CA can help children overcome isolation via children’s counseling in San Diego. 
As parents, it’s difficult to watch our children struggle with these feelings, especially if we aren’t sure how to best support our children by acknowledging the feelings, allowing the feelings, and then moving through the feelings. Below we share a few coping strategies that you can use with your kiddos (and maybe for yourself!) That will help calm nerves and quiet negative thoughts. In-the-moment coping skills are tools your kiddos can self-implement as needed to regulate big feelings and boost self-confidence as they learn to rely on their ability to self-soothe; whether they are with you at home or out and about on their own!

Coping Strategies For Your Child 

  • Repeat a positive affirmation or reflect on a positive memory.
  • Take 5 big belly breaths, breathing all the way into your belly slowly, then releasing while counting to 5.
  • Distract yourself by writing in a journal, or reaching out to a friend.
  • Use progressive muscle relaxation by squeezing your fists as tight as you can for 5 seconds, then release them slowly while again counting to 5. Repeat 4-5 times.
  • Use a tangible item as a fidget and pay attention to the material it’s made of, how it feels in your hands, and how you’re able to squeeze or manipulate it.
  • Perform an act of kindness for others.
  • Massage your hands and wrists.
  • Stretch and move your body. Exercise is a wonderful way to increase happy hormones and reset your nervous system.
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Get outside! Even just 10 minutes in the outdoors can improve your mood.
  • Color or doodle a picture.
  • Read your favorite book.
  • Take a short power nap.
  • Listen to music that elevates your mood or calms your senses

And always remember, we are here to help.

If you or your child continue to struggle with big feelings that seem to be interfering with day-to-day life, please reach out! Finding support from a child therapist in San Diego, CA can help you and your child learn new coping skills. Therapy for children can help your child better cope with the difficulties they may face, and overcome future struggles.    

Begin Working With A Child Therapist in San Diego, CA

Our team of caring therapists would be honored to teach your child new coping skills. We are happy to offer support from our San Diego, CA-based practice and across the state. You can start your therapy journey by following these simple steps:

  1. Request an appointment by completing our form online or calling (858) 776-8804
  2. Meet with a therapist from our team
  3. Start improving your mental state!

A close-up of a woman with a clipboard smiling with a child. This could represent the support a children’s therapist in San Diego, CA can offer in the state. Learn more about children’s therapy in San Diego for more info. 
Other Services Offered With Family Connections Therapy

Our team understands you may deal with a variety of mental health concerns. We offer many options to support your mental health, including children’s therapyindividual therapyfamily therapycouples therapy, and reunification therapy. We offer services in person as well as online for your convenience. Some of our specialties include but are not limited to therapy for ADHDLGBTQIA+, and depression, and our therapists are well-versed in play therapy as well as therapy for attachment and healthy development. Reach out now to learn more about our counseling services or visit our blog today!