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Social Skills for Kids

By October 19, 2022October 24th, 2022Teens/Children
Image of kids crafting together as a part of social skills activities. If your child struggles with being in a group like this social skills class can help. Social skills for kids after the pandemic have been difficult to navigate. But with social skills group they can build their confidence and start enjoying activities with their peers in San Diego, CA.

Social skills for kids are a vital part of their life. For young children, having a group of friends is an integral part of their school experience. In addition, it is a significant factor in preparing children and teens to interact with others as they progress toward adulthood. Finally, children need friends to support them through tough times. Friends can be a source of strength and help kids feel supported. For these reasons and more, having a social life is crucial to children’s and teens’ mental health. In addition, social life impacts children’s confidence and how they see themselves and the world.

Why Social Skills For Kids Are Important

Image of a young girl sitting alone on a rock covering her head. This is one of the things social skills group can help with in San Diego, CA. Social skills for kids can be difficult but it is an important part of their life. With social skills class and group your child can become comfortable with social skills activities.Your child may feel alone, leading to anxiety in certain situations. For example, a child may dread hearing the lunch bell because they have no one to sit with. Or, a child may panic when a teacher asks the class to form groups for a project because they feel that no one will want them to join their group. Some children even avoid pursuing activities they are interested in because they know they will have to interact with others.

It can be tempting for a child to throw up their hands and give up on having friends. This can happen because of negative experiences they had in the past when attempting to make friends. When a child has these experiences, they internalize them; they think something is wrong with them. They may feel that it is their fault. Worse, they may think there is no way to improve their social life.

This is not true; social skills for kids can be taught, learned, and applied to daily life. Everyone deserves to have friends, and everyone is capable of making them. Sometimes, we simply don’t know where to start. When a child learns how to interact socially, they can form connections with their peers where they were previously unable to. This enriches a child’s life and improves self-confidence.

Teaching & Practicing Social Skills For Kids

Image of two kids in masks sitting next to each other working. This shows how the pandemic has influences social skills for kids in San Diego, CA. That is why we now offer a social skills group and classes to help with social competence.Our social skills group teaches kids the skills they need to succeed socially. We learn good ways to approach others, topics of conversation to start with, how to read body language, how to shift through topics of conversation naturally, and how to take positive interactions and turn them into real friendships! Family Connections Therapy provides a safe space for discussion and role-play so that social skills group members can fully grasp and apply the concepts we discuss. We create a collaborative environment where group members can give feedback and learn from one another. Our understanding therapists will present calming exercises that group members can use leading up to, during, or following a social interaction so that anxiety does not take over. Most importantly, we offer a community where a child realizes that they are not alone and that other children also struggle socially.

Get Support Through A Social Skills Group in San Diego, CA

Image of kids with their hands together showing the importance of social skills for kids. If you child struggles being with a group like this a social skills group in San Diego can help. It's not to late to help your child with developing social skills in San Diego, CA.At Family Connections Therapy we understand the importance of social skills for kids. If your child has been struggling to build connections at school give a social skills group a shot. Our San Diego therapists will help your child or teen connect with peers, turn those peers into friends, and become closer with them as time goes on. It takes three simple steps to sign up for a Social Skills Group and Class.

  1. Contact us to speak with a staff member and sign up
  2. Start bringing your child to our 5-session Social Skills Class
  3. Watch as your child’s confidence grows

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