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How to Help Your Child Transition into a 2-Home Scenario After Divorce

By October 2, 2018September 6th, 2023Divorce, Parenting, Teens/Children
A heart with a tear down the middle hangs from a thread. An online therapist in California can offer support in overcoming emotional pain. Learn more about the support a children’s therapist in San Diego, CA can offer today.

A close-up of a phone with two wedding bands resting on the screen. Learn how an online therapist in California can offer support for you and your child during divorce. Learn how children’s counseling in San Diego can support you today by searching “online therapist in San Diego, CA” today. Going through a divorce can be a tumultuous time for any adult, and for children, it can feel like their world is falling apart. It can be confusing for children to have two homes, particularly in the early stages of divorce. But there are ways to bring positivity and excitement to this change while reducing your child’s stress significantly.

Provide Stability

Help your child adjust to the changes in your family by providing as much stability as possible. Having established routines and continuity between their two homes will help your son or daughter feel safe and secure. You don’t need to have a strict schedule, just routines that your child can expect when they wake up, before they go to bed and when they come home. For example, there’s always a bath or a story before bedtime, and a healthy snack when they get home. Resist the temptation to overcompensate by lavishing your child with gifts, or letting them get away with things they normally would not. Structure in your home will help your children feel calm and stable.

Ease The Transition

A mother holds the hand of their daughter while walking down a street. This could represent the bond cultivated with children’s counseling in San Diego. Contact an online therapist in California to learn more about the support a children’s therapist in San Diego, CA can offer. Help ease the transition for your children by having a neutral pickup and drop-off spot, such as your child’s school. You can drop your son or daughter off at school in the morning, and your ex can pick them at the end of the school day. This also eliminates stress for the child and sad goodbyes. Children are very perceptive and will be keenly aware of any sadness, anger, or frustration you may be feeling if you drop them off at your ex’s new place.

Give Kids Choices

Allowing your child to have a say will help them feel empowered, lessening any feelings they may have about things being out of their control. Have them pick out a new bedspread or pillows to decorate their space, or ask them to decide on a special dinner over the weekend. You can make them their favorite meal, try something new, or they can choose a restaurant they’d like to go to.

Reduce Stress on Arrivals

You can help your child adjust to the changes between two homes by making their arrival from the other parent’s house as positive and structured as possible. Come up with a special but simple routine for when they come home. Something pleasant and comforting, such as sharing a snack or playing a game. Resist the temptation to bombard them with questions; let them unwind and process the change in their own time.

A mother and teen embrace while sitting on the end of a bed. This could symbolize the support of children’s counseling in San Diego can offer from the comfort of home. Learn more from an online therapist in California today for more info. Your child has two parents living in two separate homes, but they only have one childhood. By remaining a positive force in your child’s life and maintaining stability, you can help them transition into their new normal.

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