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Four Ways to Bond with Your Teen This Summer

By July 5, 2023July 11th, 2023Teens/Children
Image of 3 teens laughing together. Representing one of the suggestions from a therapist for teens for how to build a stronger bond with you child. Spending time with friends can also support teenagers mental health in San Diego, CA.

Summer is in full swing, which likely means your teen is out of school and on break! Summer vacation is a great time to strengthen the bond you have with your teen. It can also be a great time to help improve teenagers’ mental health.

Things to do to Build Your Connect & Improve Teenagers’ Mental Health

Image of a African America mom laying next to her daughter. Showing the importance of bonding that a therapist for teens in San Diego talks about in this blog. If these tips don't work you can also get support for a teengaers mental health through counseling.You may be working full time, but there are still ways to grow your relationship with your teen. Here are a few ideas for a trained and caring therapist that can help you and your teen get the most out of their summer vacation.

1. Take time out of your day to spend with your teen.

While kids and teens around the country have the next month or so off, most parents, cannot take the whole summer off to spend time with their kids. However, simply taking an hour or two every day to reconnect with your teen is vital. Whether that be eating a meal together, playing a board game, or doing some small project. These kinds of activities may seem small but can really help strengthen the relationship you have with your kid.

2. Do one fun activity on the weekend.

Image of a mom & daughter looking over the sea. Showing the kind of bond that counseling for teens in San Diego, CA can help build. Building connections through these tips can help support your teenagers mental health.The weekends are usually better for working parents to spend time with their kids. So take that time to go out and do something fun! Going swimming, seeing a movie, attending a carnival, or eating a meal out together are great ways to reconnect with your teen and get out of the house at the same time. However, if going out isn’t appealing, there are plenty of things you can do with your teen at home! These can include getting out around your neighborhood for a walk or riding a bike, having a movie night at home, cooking your child’s favorite meal, or doing an arts and crafts project.

3. Let your teen go out with their friends.

While this doesn’t necessarily sound like an excellent way to bond with your teen, letting your teen go out and spend time with their friends can actually help strengthen their bond with you. All teenagers need to go out and see their friends in order to stay happy and maintain healthy social relationships. It is essential to spend quality time with your teen to reconnect with them, but they must also have time to themselves. In addition, letting your teen spend time with their peers helps them grow closer to you, as it allows them to know that you trust them. And at Family Connections Therapy we have found that mutual trust is a crucial thing to have in any relationship, especially in a parent-teen relationship.

4. Be there for your teenager & support their mental health.

Image of a dad and son hugging. Representing the type of relationship a therapist for teens can help you build. By supporting your teenagers mental health in San Diego with a counseling you can also build your bond.These past couple of years have been super rough on most kids all around the country. Kids and teens have felt isolated, alone, stressed, and overworked. The burnout has been real for all kids that have attended school since the lockdown. It is critical this summer that kids take time for themselves and rest after the challenging year. Make sure to be there for your kid, to listen to them, and comfort them if they may need it. Don’t expect too much from your kids this summer; they are tired and burnt out. Giving them time to rest and rejuvenate for this next school year is vital.

We’re Here To Help Support You & Your Teenagers’ Mental Health in San Diego

If you or your child are having trouble connecting or bonding over the summer, we are here for you! Our caring therapists can help you and your child develop the skills necessary to flourish and grow healthy relationships. We not only offer family therapy but also individual support for teenagers’ mental health and therapy for adults. Follow these steps to learn more!

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