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5 Amazing Outcomes that Can Come from Family Therapy

By August 8, 2022September 10th, 2022Family Therapy
Image of 2 adults and a child walking in a field. Family therapy is not just for those having troubles. A San Diego family therapist can help you build stronger communication. All families can benefit from starting family counseling in San Diego. Call today!

Many wish they could belong to a family resembling the Brady Bunch. But unfortunately, most of us belong to families that are not nearly as perfect or able to overcome life’s challenges together.

Families are as complicated as the individuals who are in them. Though each family is unique, all can benefit from family therapy. Counseling at Family Connections Therapy can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Here Are 5 Surprising Outcomes That Can Come From Family Therapy.

1. Surviving Those Teenage Years

Image of a mother holding her crying son. If you are in San Diego we can help you find "family counseling near me"? We will connect you with a marriage and family therapist in San Diego, CA. Call today to start family therapy in San Diego, CA.Parents can face the most challenges during the toddler and teenage years. That’s probably because those two age groups have something in common: they seek independence and want to do things on their own terms.

While teenage angst is typical and expected, many teenagers struggle with anxiety, huge mood swings, and other mental health issues. Family counseling helps parents and children to engage in healthy communication about their feelings and expectations.

With this in mind, connecting with a family therapist during the pre-teen years is a great idea to help build and nurture a healthier relationship. Family Therapy could smooth the way for the turbulent teen years and have someone there for you when there are bumps as your teen grows.

2. Gain Important Skills and Tools

Why don’t we get a training manual for kiddos? Unfortunately, there isn’t a manual yet. So, That’s where a family therapist can help you.

Family Therapy can help ease the parenting burden and make it more fun! In addition, it can lighten the load when you gain new tools and skills to put in your parenting tool bag. Examples include positive ways to communicate with your child, when and when not to use consequences, and avoiding power struggles. We can even work on ways to prevent the behavior you want to shape from happening as much in the future.

While it can be helpful to speak with supportive friends and look for advice within the pages of books and magazines, there is something uniquely beneficial to family therapy.

Image three people with their hands stacked together. Family therapy is not just for those in crisis. A San Diego family therapist can help you build preventative skills. All families can benefit from starting family counseling in San Diego. Call today!

3. All Families Can Benefit

Many people think they must be in a full-blown crisis before seeking counseling. However, working with those in crisis is more complicated than building preventive skills with them. All families can benefit from family counseling. Why? Because everyone gets a chance to be heard and express their perspectives and feelings. Most problems, whether big or small, can be dealt with productively.


Family therapy offers tremendous benefits, including:

  1. Healthy communication, where you all get your needs me
  2. Understanding how to keep healthy boundaries to maintain “peace”
  3. Tools to problem solve future issues
  4. Deeper empathy and connection to each other
  5. Reduced conflict and better anger management skills

4. Cultivate Self-Worth

Some parents experience blame and shame for past parenting “mistakes.” It’s okay; everyone goes through this with their kiddos. Family counseling helps to support parents while positively connecting the whole family unit. Those “mistakes” can be revisited, and a sense of healing can be felt by family members years later. With the right tools, this is indeed possible and helps draw parents and children closer.

5. In Family Therapy You Learn How to Deal with Anger

Image of an Asian American family of 3 walking hand in hand. Are you interested in finding "family counseling near me"? We will connect you with a marriage and family therapist in San Diego, CA. Call today to start family therapy in San Diego, CA.Anger is a normal powerful emotion that can disrupt relationships. However, the emotion itself is not the issue. Instead, it’s the behavior we express while angry that causes damage to relationships. Family counseling helps to calm and guide healthy discussions to explore all feelings, including anger.

Partners, children, and parents that are in constant conflict are suffering and need help. If you are aware of a potential problem in your family or are simply looking for a way to communicate and connect, family therapy may help. Family Therapy is a way to learn healthy coping skills together and can instill more fun and happiness back into the home.

Are You Ready to Start Family Therapy in San Diego?

Whether your family is in crisis or you are trying to build preventative skills our Marriage and Family Therapists can help you. So that you can strengthen the bond between the members of your family. At Family Connections Therapy we would be happy to help you grow as a family. If you or a loved one is interested in exploring treatment follow these steps below.

  1. Contact us to speak with a Family Therapist
  2. Start family therapy at our San Diego counseling office
  3. Begin building stronger and healthier relationships

Other Services Our Marriage and Family Therapists Offer in San Diego, CA

At Family Connections Therapy, we offer a variety of options to support you. Our children’s therapy also includes therapy for ADHDattachment and healthy development, and play therapy. As well as LGBTQIA+ and transgender therapy for kids and teens. Our San Diego Therapists also offer couples therapy and marriage counseling. For adults, we offer individual therapydepression treatmentanxiety treatment, and more! All of these services are also offered virtually through online therapy in California.