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What is Gender Creative?

By March 22, 2021April 2nd, 2022LGBTQ+

Gender creative children may encompass other titles such as gender non-conforming, gender fluid, or non-binary.  Essentially these children reject expected gender stereotypes and typical gender roles. Gender creative children may question their gender identity, but they are not necessarily transgender.  They may embrace both feminine and masculine qualities equally, and nothing is off-limits. Your child may equally love playing with dolls, dressing up as a princess, and playing in the dirt with trucks. 

How to Support Your Gender Creative Child:

  1. Follow your child’s lead and give them space to explore what feels good to them and makes them happy.  Provide them with opportunities to express themselves freely in both genders.
  1.  Allow them to make their own choices, whether with clothing and hairstyle choices or toys and activities. Show your support by praising your child’s creativity and diversity, which can help foster strong and healthy self-esteem.
  1. Ask questions to show support. Allow your child to discuss their experience of their gender identity.  Try open-ended questions such as “tell me more about this.” Let your child take the lead on these conversations and ask what they need from you as far as support.
  1. Respect your child by using the pronouns and names they have requested. You may make mistakes, but correct yourself and try again. Your child will appreciate your effort and be patient and understanding if they see you are trying. Correct pronoun usage is vital to the overall support of your transgender child. 
  1. Finally, educate yourself. It is fine to ask your child questions to understand their personal experience, but it is not your child’s job to educate. Learn the different terminology regarding sex and gender. 

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