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If your child regularly visits with one of the counselors at Family Connections Therapy, there may be times when you just can’t get in to our office: vacation, illness, living in rural communities, etc. We want to make sure that kids in San Diego and surrounding communities have access to quality, consistent therapy. If you’re struggling to make the time to bring kids to the office regularly, we are happy to offer telehealth therapy for children. You may not be familiar with online counseling and how it works, but our team can make the process easy for you. Plus, kids usually think it’s a lot of fun! Keep reading to learn a little more about telehealth therapy for kids on this page and reach out to the Family Connections Therapy team to find out more.

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What is Telehealth?

You may have heard of telehealth referred to as online counseling, virtual therapy, or teletherapy. These are all terms that describe using the phone or internet to conduct therapy sessions. In our office, specifically, we use a safe, HIPAA-compliant video chat platform that allows us to speak with your face-to-face without you ever having to leave home. Telehealth can be as effective as most in person therapy for children and teenagers. It allows your child to share their environment with their therapist and remain connected online. Family connections Therapy also supplies an electronic playroom for each therapist to use during sessions. Activities are planned out from your therapist to help your child with new coping skills and learning to express their emotions.

How Does Telehealth Therapy Work for Kids?

We will do our utmost to make the telehealth therapy process simple for you and your kids. When you make the decision to sign up for teletherapy sessions, your clinician will provide you with the information and resources necessary for your child’s video therapy session.

Before Your Session:

  • You’ll receive an email from your child’s clinician with a link to the teletherapy platform.
  • For the session, your child will need a computer for our virtual playrooms to work the best, with a camera, microphone, speakers, and internet connection.
  • Plan to conduct your session in a private space where your child feels comfortable. Your child’s therapist will work with you to determine the best area in the home and who will be helping the child during the session.

The Day of Your Session:

  • About five to ten minutes before your child’s scheduled appointment time, click on the link from your child’s clinician.
  • Enter your child’s name and complete any other prompts that appear when you access the telehealth platform.
  • Enable the audio and video buttons on your child’s screen.
  • When your child’s therapist logs in, they will connect with you
  • Then, you should see your child’s therapist, and their session will begin.
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Are Teletherapy Sessions Right for My Child?

There are many reasons why you may consider teletherapy sessions for kids, but when parents are hesitant to explore virtual counseling options, we encourage them to consider the many benefits of these online sessions for kids. Some of the ways that telehealth specifically can help your kids include:

  • Putting children at ease about therapy. There are many reasons why kids may have difficulty feeling at ease in our office but bringing therapy into your child’s home can give us a clearer understanding of who they are and how we can help them.
  • Letting kids tell us about their homes and lives. It can be very therapeutic for kids show their therapist around their home or let the counselor see their special toys, and this can be an important part of the session as well.
  • Creating a fun and healthy environment for your child to explore and thrive in the home, which is especially beneficial for kids who have been acting out or experiencing conflict within their families.

Kids deserve to grow up to be healthy, thriving adults, and we love partnering with kids and parents to achieve their goals at Family Connections Therapy. To offer greater access, we’re now providing online teletherapy sessions.

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